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**Free Shamanic Reiki and EFT Healing Sessions for the terminally ill. Local and distance sessions offered. Call for more information.**

My Services include:

Reiki Level I & II Training and Attunements Classes (4 hour classes) Theory, history, and practical application of Reiki. Appropriate Attunements and Certificates are included. 

Fee: $75 per person

Animal Reiki Training and Certification Classes available. Attunement to Reiki I required. (4 hour classes) Theory, history, and practical application of Animal Reiki. Certificates are included. 

Fee: $75 per person

Smudging : the act of cleansing unwanted energies from oneself, a home, business or other areas. 

Fee: $40 + travel $25

Group or Individual Specific Guided Meditation Sessions: Individual or group sessions available. Training or Advanced. 

Fee: $60-$75  

Divinities Spark Meditation: This guided meditation is used to manifest in our lives those things that we desire most. It is a 30 or 50 minute meditation that is designed to heighten our awareness of, strengthen our connection to, and to better make use of the Divine Spark that resides in all of us. You will learn where this Spark came from, how to properly use Divinities Spark, and two words you use everyday that either reinforce or hinder its application in your life. Both the 30 minute and 50 minute sessions start off with a history lesson about this Divine Spark, then we have 22 minutes of guided meditation. The 50 minute session includes a short break then the second half where you are free to manifest in your own way. Assistance is available if desired.

Fee: (30 minute session) $12 per person, 5 person minimum (50 minute session) $15 per person, 5 person minimum 


Shamanic Reiki Healing Sessions: In office or local individual, distance and over the phone healing sessions available by appointment. Each session is individualized to meet your needs and lasts approximately 90 minutes. The fee includes my travel, preliminary interview, equipment setup, healing session and post session counseling. Distance healing sessions include preliminary interview and healing session. Post session counseling is done at the same time as preliminary interview. Over the phone sessions include preliminary interview, healing session, post session counseling.

Fee; $60-$75 (1-1.5hr session)

Shamanic Animal Reiki Sessions : Small animal Reiki can be done at your residence or in my office. Large animal Reiki Sessions are done wherever you keep them housed. Animal Reiki is very similar to that performed on humans. I will spend time getting to know your pet just as I would you. 

Fee: $40 (plus travel $25)

Intuitive Tool : Have you ever felt, or wondered why your prayers seem to go unanswered? Ever had meditation leave you more puzzled or tired than refreshed? Why is it that you do not seem to experience the ‘wonder’, the ‘thrill’ many others speak and write about? In an attempt to protect us our subconscious often uses walls and filters to block, process and store negative experiences. These very walls and filters often keep us from experiencing the most pleasant things in life and the gifts Spirit wishes to bestow upon. We will discuss these subjects and how society, using fear, encourages us to fail. You will then be trained in the use of our Intuitive Tool to release the blocks and filters our subconscious places in our path. Individualized or Group sessions are available.

Fee: $40 individual, groups $12 per person (5 person minimum)

Prayer and healing energy requests are at no charge. Please use my direct email at and include a general description of your need.

If a more detailed request is desired then contact me by phone. If I do not answer then be sure to leave your name and number as well as a best time to return your call.

As an Ordained Minister and Wedding Officiate of both Universal Ministries (2006) and the Universal Life Church (2018) I conduct both traditional and non-traditional wedding ceremonies. I am licensed to officiate in all 50 states.

Fee: $50 +Travel $25 

4 Winds Shamanic Cleansing and Meditation Session : A 30 minute Shamanic Journey. This is a guided Cleansing and Meditation Session using the Spirit of the 4 Winds to ground ourselves before the meditation begins. It can be a most profound experience as we welcome our Higher Power and our extended family who have crossed over to join us as well.

This is not a beginner's meditation session, it is for those who have some experience practicing meditation. 

Fee: $12 per person, 5 person minimum (30 minute session plus 15 setup)

Shamanic Reiki 4 Winds Cleansing, Meditation and Healing with a Huacas Stone

This is a cleansing and Shamanic Journey meditation, during which we will be cleansing and energizing ourselves, as well as our Huaca, with some very special energy. During the session Reiki Healing will be offered.

Reiki is a form of energy healing that addresses our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. Reiki exists all around us and is available to anyone. It is not a religion and requires no set belief system. It does not require meditations, incantations, rituals or ceremonies. You do not need to play music, burn candles or incense, or anything special. All you need to do is ‘intend’ to receive Reiki Energy for it to work for you .

A Shaman is better known in the west by the Native American term Medicine Man or Medicine Woman. Shamanism is one of the oldest forms of spirituality that exists today, having its root beginnings thousands of years ago in our past, back when our ancestors were hunter-gatherers. They had to be in touch with everything around them to survive and prosper. Mother Earth, Father Sky, the trees, animals, plants, the very stones that surrounded them were used and seen as imbued with Spiritual energy. They found Spirit in all things. It is a more intuitive approach to energy healing and blends well with, while complimenting Reiki perfectly. I am not a Shaman. Shaman is a title bestowed upon someone by the Tribal or Shaman Elders and I would never presume to call myself one, but I do follow many of their beliefs, practices, rituals, rites, and ceremonies and consider it a great honor to do so.

Huacas (wak’a): Is an ancient Incan and modern Quechua (kech-wa) religious concept that is often used to refer to sacred ritual, the state of being after death, or any sacred object. To the Quechuan (kech-wahn) Shaman’s of South America, a huaca (wak’a) is an object that represents something revered or holds spiritual power.

We will start the session off with a Shamanic Cleansing Ceremony using Huacas stones and the 4 winds. Huacas are provided, (or bring your own crystals) and are used to assist in releasing and clearing any negative energies that may block our healing and meditative efforts. From there we will continue using our Huacas stones while enjoying about 30 minutes of guided meditation using the 4 winds and absorbing Reiki Healing. Question, answer, comment periods both before and after the session will be offered.

Fee: $20 per person, 5 person minimum (1-1.5 hr session)

Shamanic Releasing Fire/Water Ceremony

The intent of this ceremony is to assist in the releasing of the tethers to our past that hold us back. You will choose one or two events or issues that you wish to release and we will concentrate on those. While in the prep area, and prior to the Ceremony, you will write down the issues you wish to concentrate on and place them in the Burden Bowl to be offered up as prayers during the fire portion of the Ceremony. This Ceremony will begin with a Cleansing Ritual prior to entering the Sacred Circle where the actual Ceremony will take place. In the circle we will learn about the power we give to our past to control us today and how to break those bonds.

Because this Ceremony and the Circle is sacred NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES ARE ALLOWED. Please leave all cellphones, pagers, or other devices that can possibly interrupt the ceremony by either making noise or vibrating, in your car or at home. We can all benefit by disconnecting from them for one hour. (NOTE: For those who require a little extra assistance, during inclement weather, or for those who prefer the indoors, this Ceremony can be conducted inside using water.

Fee: $12 per person, 5 person minimum

What I Believe

I believe that there is only one God, Universal Mind, Higher Power, Brahma, Yahweh, Elohim, Allah, Spirit, or whatever name you choose to use. I also believe that this Higher Power often uses people, places, things, or moments in time, in its constant effort to reach us, teach us, guide us, and further our personal growth on this, our journey of Spiritual Enlightenment. I also believe that God oftentimes imbues objects with the power to heal, to increase the effectiveness of prayer, and uses them as a focal point to raise awareness of God’s presence. All the world’s religions hold someplace holy, a book sacred, or place some significance in an object, medallion, or artifact.

A Shaman's way of life is one of constant awareness of the spiritual energy that surrounds them. It is for this reason that I accept and follow many of their beliefs, practices, rituals, rites, and ceremonies, and consider it a great honor to do so.

I am not a Shaman. Shaman is a title bestowed upon someone by the Shaman Elders and I would never presume to call myself one,


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