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Jerry McNeal


Divinities Spark is as unique as the person who has it! This spark is often buried deep inside of us and is expressed as a yearning for something more, a subtle but persistent gnawing at our soul that keeps us asking “Is this all there is? We live, we breathe, we procreate, and then we die!!”

Certainly this can’t be all there is. We feel unfulfilled, a deep sadness, a longing for more. We lack purpose, direction, and meaning in our lives all while slogging through our everyday existence living in a cloud of doubt. Because we do not understand what we are feeling we often misconstrue it and turn to unhealthy behaviors in an attempt to numb or hide this pain. We desire and need something more. We need to know WHY we are here.

The answer is already inside of us! It was with us from before the moment of our birth. Now we just need to discover what that answer is and what questions to ask. We are not alone in this. Aid and assistance is available to us from both heavenly and earthly sources, all we need to do is ask and then listen. Ahhh, but that’s the problem isn’t it. What do we ask for, where do we start, what is the question, and how do we know the answer is not just in our imagination?

Take a deep breath, hold it, then exhale slowly. Take an inventory of what and how you feel. Do you still feel driven to do 'SOMETHING'? That gnawing, that itch, that yearning is your soul awakening to its purpose for being here. Trust it to lead you where you need to go.

We start with your primary mission for being on earth. What is it? It may be what drives you, drives you crazy, makes you angry, or gets you excited?

I believe we also have a secondary purpose for being here and that is to love, to learn to love our fellow human beings, and most of all to love yourselves. It is often much easier said than done.

Growing up I was always referred to as ‘wise beyond his years’. ‘I knew things’ without knowing how ‘I knew things’, I just knew them to be true. I had no idea where did this ‘knowing’ came from? I had no clue, but I learned to accept it.

In my late teens I was standing in the dining room with my sister when all of a sudden “I knew” that Dad and Mom were in an accident. I also 'knew’ they were not seriously hurt. Later that evening they both came in bloodied up and bruised, but otherwise unhurt. That flash of ‘knowing’ got my attention, and m y life became much more focused that day. Whenever I experience that ‘knowing’, that gut feeling I listened to it. Over the years I’ve been given several visions that would alter the course of my life, change how I’ve come to see things, expanded my belief in God, and assured me of life after death. I have also discovered that the plan for my life includes the gifts of being a Teacher, a Healer, a Empath, and an Intuitive Medium.  Along the way I became a EFT Advanced Practitioner, Reiki Master, and Ordained Minister.

I now need to share this ‘knowing’, this understanding, these visions and gifts with the world. With YOU.

My Life's Mission is:

To Love. To do all that is within my power to help others. To be a good person by living a good and fruitful life. To be true to myself and the God that I serve and to accept the right of each individual to worship as they see fit. To share what I 'know' when asked. To listen with my soul when someone else shares their 'knowing'.

Come join me as we search for answers. Your answer may await you.

Jerry C. McNeal

Reiki Master, Minister

EFT-Adv, Teacher

Healer, Intuitive, Empath

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